Medical Annotators - Remote/Entry Level

Job description

At TransPerfect we are looking for medical annotators to join our team, the mission of the position is to make the healthcare industry safer by using artificial intelligence to recognize errors, loopholes or mistakes that can affect the safety and care of the patients. As part of the tasks of the job, you will be responsible for reading comments from medicine professional using different sources (Videos, Text, etc.), and tag them with appropriate descriptions and labels.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Analyzing comments, descriptions and reviews to identify themes and patterns.
  • Labeling content with appropriate tags and keywords.
  • Watch and review medical material to identify key activities, procedures and patterns.

Job requirements

  • Live in one of the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK, Brazil, US, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, India.
  • Previous experience as a virtual annotator/ transcriber in the medical field (Not a must).
  • Excellent communication, writing and computer skills.
  • Driven professional with a passion for healthcare quality and patient safety.
  • Excellent time management: You will be given quality and quantity targets that you need to meet.
  • Detail-oriented: You need to have a great ability to spot inaccuracies and inconsistencies in audio files in order to amend transcripts accordingly.
  • Proactive: You will need to research songs, artists, apps, and more to ensure these are labeled and spelled correctly.
  • Feel comfortable working under pressure.
  • Independent work style: You will be working independently and by yourself the majority of the time.